Qprint Osona, s.l. is a company with over 30 years experience in the graphic arts industry.

To give the best service with the best quality, our company has its own design and pre-print departments, as a technical department where we can develop our own projects in a variety of business: cosmetics, packaging, electronics, ...

Our origins and our best specialization is the serigraphic technology. Although we don’t leave to evolve in the graphic arts world, learning new techniques to can solve any decoration problems our clients can have.

Our main worry, all above, is the quality of the brand. And the insistence to get the best results in the most difficult pieces or the easiest ones.

Serigrafia plana a 1 tinta sobre peça d'alumini Serigrafia rotativa a 1 tinta sobre peça cilíndrica Serigrafia plana a 1 tinta sobre caixa de fusta Puzzle de metacrilat imprès amb digital i tallat amb làser Disseny imprès amb digital Seigrafia rotativa a 1 tinta sobre pea cònica-còncava d'al·lumini Tampografia sobre peça d'alumini amb baix relleu Tampografia plana sobre peça cònica Rotary serigraphy Serigraphy and digital Digital Pad Rotary serigraphy Laser cutting + digital printing Textile thermally welded vynil Serigraphy Pad Four-color serigraphy Digital Cutting, serigraphy and digital Pad Textile thermally welded vynil Digital Serigraphy
Serigrafia plana a 1 tinta sobre peça d'alumini
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